‘Riding the Tube’ ~ Asana # 18

‘Riding the Tube’ is the secret yoga tantra of surfing. The mystery and delight of when a well set up cover-up, becomes a shack, becomes a barrel, forms a tube – is a feeling a surfer remembers forever. In that moment when time slows down, and micro-errors of trim may expand-out, surfers in the zone recall their Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Square the Chest, Drag the Cylinder, Thread the Needle.

Technical: This asana is one posture with thirty micro-movements. It is best learned intuitively and in increments. The balance of weight moves forward, in, down and back, all at the same time.

Specific Hints: Position the rear hand behind the point of central pivot, allowing a face-drag for posture trim.

Secret Yogi: At the moment of sublime bliss, look into the glassy wall to find the dolphin looking back at you, is (and was) always you.

© 2013 willvarey


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