‘Noticing the Noahs’ ~ Asana # 12

‘Noticing the Noahs’ is now becoming a part of every surfer’s practice. From remote unfamiliar reefs to local patrolled beaches, the wise surfer pays attention to the changing habits of the local fauna and its habitats. The Australian rhyming slang Noah’s Ark refers not to the playful, whimsical, leaping dolphins. When someone calls ‘fin’, those with a Zurf-Yoga ™ practice grin in delight, knowing the ‘men in grey suits’ prefer to stay out of sight.

Overview: Lift the Bait, Watch and Wait, Relax in Laughter.

Technical: This simple pose is mostly about relaxation of the neck muscles. Two sets using both a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation generate a relaxation of tensions. The first set maintains constant eye level. The second set uses a parabolic arching motion for added looseness. The asana ends in a relaxed sitting position.

Specific Hints: Allow an audible laugh at the relaxation point of commencement of the second clockwise set and an audible relaxing exhale on completion.

Secret Yogi: Use your ‘fourth eye’ to maintain vigilance on the space behind you. If you can disengage your head from your spinal chord, this will work also.

Quote: “I like to surf as much as I can, and surf as hard as I can.” (Johnny Boy Gomes)

© 2013 willvarey


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