‘Entering the Vehicle’ ~ Asana # 29

‘Entering the Vehicle’ is the penultimate move in a surfing session, allowing you to arrive back into the human-made world complete and satisfied. The surfer finds that while material concerns have been washed away, they have not totally gone away. To take the surf into your productive day, there is a moment of appreciation of your body, the boards, the waves, and all the opportunity the ocean affords. This is the enduring meditation of benefit from your Zurf-Yoga™ preparations of merit.

Overview: Lift the Latch, Bow the Head, Chill the Sauna.

Technical: This asana is a gentle lead-in to the series completion.  These simple movements reflect the three dimensions of the yoga body. These are the central line, the vertical line, and the lateral line. Each is stimulated in turn as one single complete form.

Specific Hints: On the completion the palms are facing downwards, middle fingers extended.

Secret Yogi: Imagine these movements as a trilogy of three. Contained within them are the complete recollections, of all you have learned in your Zurf-Yoga™ sessions.

© 2013 willvarey


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