‘Hitting the Beach’ ~ Asana # 5

‘Hitting the Beach’ is the liminal moment for surfers between leaving the carpark and entering the water. In one way, the physical preparation for a great surf all happens in this space. To avoid an early paddle-in with leg cramp, torn cruciate ligaments, or painful snapped hamstrings, the modern surfer now does warm up stretches as if waiting for their competition heat. As Patanjali would often say in his Zurf-Yoga ™ practice: ‘The surfer who warms, is the one who performs’.

Overview: Zip the Suit, Check the Crew, Attach the Leash.

Technical: This asana is actually three advanced moves in one sequence. The first move stretches the reach of your arm extension bilaterally equally and in a forward and back direction. The second safely stretches the thorax muscles to maximise torso rotation. The third loosens the tendons in the upper and lower legs to prevent cramp and injury.

Specific Hints: The exhalation of the breath completely, three times, will advance your rotational extension significantly.

Secret Yogi: For the advanced student only, place your leg-rope on the alternative leg, then do the entire remaining yoga sequence in a mirrored ‘switch-stance’.

© 2013 willvarey


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