‘Choosing the Board’ ~ Asana # 2

‘Choosing the Board’ asks for a surfer’s presence of mind. This selection from an extensive quiver determines everything about how the day will go for a surfer. Having checked the conditions there is a call to be made. Do you take the experimental double flyer or will this be a rare outing for the Rhino Chaser? Choosing your vehicle is a vital part of your Zurf-Yoga ™ practice. It prompts a choice for the intensity of your full yoga session.

Overview: Feel the Board, Load the Board, Secure the Board.

Technical: This asana involves one primary movement. Ensure the spine is straight and reach to full vertical extension. A slight backward extension is the only perceptible movement of the arms. In the hands hold the thumb extended to form a ‘c’ shape throughout.

Specific Hints: Keep your feet flat on the floor for maximum extension of the spine and tendon stretching as you warm up.

Secret Yogi: Adjust the width of your grasp, checking how subtle changes in the rails will alter each perfect ride.

© 2013 willvarey


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