‘Finding the Line’ ~ Asana # 17

‘Finding the Line’ is where a surfer and the wave begin their real conversation. Even after twenty years of surfing the same wave, at the same break, at the same time of day, every surfer finds that a surprise awaits. The combination of swell direction, wind, surge, tide, and time changes the wave before them. The discovery of the ‘fall-line’, being each wave’s unique signature, is an intuitive part of your Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Ground the Turn, Tune the Trim, Gaze the Lip.

Technical: This asana involves subtle transitions into a sustained pose. It is complemented with three balancing movements.  The weight moves to a forward lean point midway between the front and back feet. The rear hand drops to one third height with palm turned downwards. The front hand adjusts 90 degrees.

Specific Hints: Finding the balance point is vital, which is both forward and back, and also lateral.

Secret Yogi: When in the balanced posture, lift the head and look up, to the cresting wave’s summit and feel the rails adjust.


© 2013 willvarey


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