‘Cruising the Coast’ ~ Asana # 3

‘Cruising the Coast’ is how most surfers spend precious pre-surf time, getting to the place where local knowledge says conditions will be best. The act of driving can be a workout for the prepared surfer. One aims to be relaxed, yet poised ready, for the surfing ahead. Straining to catch a first look at the swell it’s important to appear super-cool. With the accelerator down, no traffic around, cruising with knowing – means its going to be a Zurf-Yoga ™ day.

Overview: Hit the Road, Change the Gears, Check the Waves.

Technical: This is a complex asana involving a difficult opening stance and three simultaneous transitions. The primary pose consists of a half sit to the left with right leg extended in a heel support. The arms are bent at chest eight. Palms facing in. The first transition is left palm down. The second transition is right elbow out. The third transition is a turn of the head to the right. The three actions, when done together, support and enable a deepening of the supported half sit pose.

Specific Hints: Ensure your feet are adjacent when beginning for maximum balance benefit. Use the positional spread of the arms to provide stability.

Secret Yogi: When doing the head turn, imagine you are driving past a Rincon to Malibu seascape of corduroy horizons, to which you will show absolutely no emotion, as if it happens every day.

© 2013 willvarey


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