‘Finding the Keys’ ~ Asana # 26

‘Finding the Keys’ is a now outdated innovation on an ancient tradition. Folklore will tell you of a time when surfer’s cars were never locked. With few possessions, the accepted code was that surfer’s would not ever steal from surfers. The hiding of the key later became a secret knowing, held only by trusted surfing compatriots, who also hold a Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Explore the Chassis, Clutch the Key, Brush the Gravel.

Technical: This asana is one posture. The forward knee is raised. The back knee is flat to the ground. The forward arm is flat to the mat to the elbow. The other arm is extended and inverted. The posture is held indefinitely. The release is standing.

Specific Hints: Learn where to place the front foot in relation to the opposing knee. Dropping the opposing shoulder allows for the correct posture.

Secret Yogi: Use the twisting of the wrist to extend the tendons, feeling the counterpart tensions in the opposing hand’s fingers.


Quote: “The distance between a man and his happiness, is measured by the number of keys he holds on his keyring.”

© 2013 willvarey


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