‘Proning the Foam’ ~ Asana # 24

‘Proning the Foam’ is the humble act of taking a wave all the way to the shore. Instead of being the completion of a surfing session, it is a remembrance of how we all began our surfing. Being pushed onto a broken wave on a foam board and feeling that thrill in our first decade, is possibly why we come back to the surf, over many decades. The prone-in is where a Zurf-Yoga™ practice begins once again.

Overview: Absorb the Wash, Avoid the Rocks, Make the Beach.

Technical: This asana has three discrete movements within one strength pose. The first is a flexing of the arms and elbows while sustaining extension. The second is a bilateral strengthening of opposing tensions. The third is a sustained strength pose that can be lengthened.

Specific Hints: If you need to relax the pose, place the groin, but not the knees or upper chest, on the mat for the same feeling and benefit.

Secret Yogi: Become your six year old self, then recreate the timeline of every wave you have ridden, with the enduring mind of childhood joyfulness.

© 2013 willvarey


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