‘Waxing the Stick’ ~ Asana # 6

‘Waxing the Stick’ is a meditative ritual sadly being replaced by deck grip and artificial surfaces. For those who have ever had a leg slip on a steep drop, the benefits of good wax coverage outweigh the rush to be in the water surfing. The meeting of surfer and board when thinking about the placement of feet and hands will show in the wax pattern left by a Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Meet the Board, Wax the Seat, Groove the Deck.

Technical: This asana is a variation on a familiar theme. The innovation is in the hand movements. The transition into a left low plunge extends the right leg fully. The right plunge left leg extension similarly stretches muscles often neglected. The alternative hand movements provide extensions into depth and small lateral tensions for micro-balancing.

Specific Hints: By alternating the movements of the hands in turn, the tension in each corresponding leg is emphasised separately.

Secret Yogi: Writing your initials in the grooves of the wax provides an extra flourish to your signature moves.

© 2013 willvarey


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