The originator of Zurf-Yoga™ is willvarey. A surfer since 1979 he had never had a yoga lesson in his life until forming this practice. He holds six tertiary qualifications, none of which involve sports science, human physiology, fluid-mechanics, spiritual transcendence or guru adoration. He does though hold a PhD in conceptions of health and generative learning systems for social wellbeing.

As a surfer, he rode a panoply of surf craft with a tendency towards the nostalgic and experimental. On one summer’s day when riding a 7’6″ board in a fun 2 foot glassy close-out shore break, an imprudent ‘fakers-five’ nose-dive shot the board into the base of his spine. Unable to walk for a few moments he realised he was one millimetre away from paraplegia. The scarring of that injury meant that, without much lower body flexibility, he formed a healthy aversion to ever trying yoga.

In the modern world, where the many forms of a traditional lineage practice become more and more accessible (and commercial), he realised that eventually everyone will be either trying surfing, yoga … or even both (at the same time).

Zurf-Yoga™ is a gentle satire and generally harmless yoga-style exercise. It is designed, however, as a comprehensive set of meditations and a daily body practice in gratitude for the oceans, our abundant lives, and the many gifts that having a healthy body, clean waters and good friends will provide.

He asks that you give by donation to the charities that support these gifts, for all that the ocean (and yoga) may have given generously to you.

“Live long, learn humbly, surf well.”



© 2103 willvarey


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