‘Counting the Sets’ ~ Asana # 14

‘Counting the Sets’ is the reason why, the most relaxed looking crew, also seem to be ‘right- there’ in the spot when it all happens. There is no mystery why the best looking waves will always have someone in the perfect position. The lull between sets, allows the calming before the storm, to appreciate the patterns, in a Zurf-Yoga™ practicing.

Overview: Stroke the Water, Breathe the Ocean, Find the Moment.

Technical: This asana is the most outwardly tranquil in the Zurf-Yoga™ set. It involves one posture. Sitting, the hands rest on the floor. A sequence of breath meditations are done while being guided. The intensity of breath builds successively.

Specific Hints: The hands are consciously placed, knuckles down, in a relaxed position where they connect with the mat, but also take on no weight.

Secret Yogi: The extension of the spine with the in-breaths is important, where one begins to breathe ‘as the ocean’ – ready for the explosive exhale.

© 2013 willvarey


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