‘Dedicating the Surf’ ~ Asana # 30

‘Dedicating the Surf’ is the action that completes the surf session and begins a lifetime of a healthy obsession with all that surfing offers. Rather than taking from the ocean and hoping it will provide more, this is the action of appreciation of all that has been given, and all that is as yet in store from a dedicated Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Slot the Shades, Smooth the Hair, Relax in Joy.

Technical: This asana has three simple movements completed with great mindfulness. The first raises both hands to the face. The second moves both hands over the scalp and onto the rear of the neck. The third moves both hands, open palms upwards, to the waist. To complete the practice thanks is given for all the beaches we are yet to see, the oceans we swim in, and the waves that we have ridden.

Specific Hints: Massage the temples, crown, neck, and chest in smooth movements (in sequence) to remove all remaining tensions.

Secret Yogi: The secret dedication mantra (TYFTSTYFTD), used to complete the set, is joyously given to all newly initiated Zurf-Yoga™ practitioners.

© 2013 willvarey


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