About ~ It’s ‘ZurfYoga’

“A Yoga for Yogis Who Surf”

In 2005 I found myself travelling more and more for work. Being away from the waves for most of a very long winter, when the day for a dedicated endurance surfing session came, the usual fitness just was not there. Not feeling on my game my favourite long-waited-for waves, went left unridden. After thirty years in the water, I found I needed to learn a new surfing skill.

As my surfer friends always say: ‘The only thing that makes you surf-fit, is surfing.” Every surfer knows it’s true. The localised muscle groups used for surfing are so specialised. They change in each surfer and for each board. What really makes the difference to having a great surf, is the ‘apithologia’ of the state of your muscle, motivation, and mind.

To ensure you can surf anywhere, anytime, at all levels, we made a yoga for surfers. To feel like you never left the water, knowing always a great surf is only a yoga-mat away, there is now Zurf Yoga™. It’s the way surfers like to stay surf-fit.

© 2013 willvarey