‘Tying the Boards’ ~ Asana # 28

‘Tying the Boards’ is the move a surfer will never forget, after watching the spiralling trajectory of beloved boards as they float down gently, under an oncoming ‘semi’ on the other side of the expressway. In the Zen relaxation of a blissful post-surf session, there is also the need to return to reality. The phrase: ‘Err-Didn’t you tie the boards down, Dave?’ is never heard in a Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Stack the Boards, Loop the Racks, Tighten the Straps.

Technical: This asana has three standing movements. The first is an upward stretch. The second is a 90 degree turn and reach with alternate arms. The third ends in an non-traditional form of namaste.

Specific Hints: Keep the feet parallel and square to the front of the mat for maximum torso twist.

Secret Yogi: Beginning with a high hand clasp, pull down with sufficient (strong but gentle) tension, as if your new board’s enduring condition will depend on it.

© 2013 willvarey


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