‘Seeking the Surface’ ~ Asana # 10

‘Seeking the Surface’ can be the difference between the beginning of a great session and the short-end to a long surfing career.  Starved of air, rather than a panic, the swim towards fresh oxygen can be peaceful and transcendent. There is an efficiency and beauty in this challenging stage of a Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Push the Reef, Stroke for Air, Feel the Sun.

Technical: This asana has three discrete parts. The first is a transition from kneeling to an open stretch. The second is the stretch repeated three, five or eleven times. The third involves a state of śavāsana in a kneeling position, with hands in relaxation.

Specific Hints: In the vertical stretch, there is a subtle twist of the torso, spine and hands, making this asana different to the more balanced lateral movement of paddling out.

Secret Yogi: In completion, relax, lie back and enjoy the sun on your face, basking renewed in surfing’s profound grace .


© 2013 willvarey


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