‘Donning the Wettie’ ~ Asana # 4

‘Donning the Wettie’ is a defining moment for surfers. Its says ‘suit up’, because we are going regardless. Whether intimidating close-out bombs or rock-filled onshore drivel, the close fit of perfect attire makes you always feel surf-ready in your Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Shake the Suit, Find the Feet, Stretch the Wettie.

Technical: This asana has three sequences based around one sustained sitting pose. The first is a transition to sitting. The second is an alternate muscle stretch. The third enhances the holding of core and abdominal tensions.

Specific Hints: In moving into the final pose, shift your balance gently from side to side for maximum micro-muscle benefit.

Secret Yogi: In colder climates requiring arctic protections, this asana is known as ‘Snuggling the Budgie’ and involves tantric techniques for generating heat and safe retraction.

© 2013 willvarey


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