‘Grabbing the Rail’ ~ Asana # 22

‘Grabbing the Rail’ is an aerial move using the transfer of speed and gravity to extend the shape of the wave dynamically. Surfers seeing past conventional limitations, notice how these extensions are really extending the natural. Surfing the wave, that is no longer there, is the Zen koan of your Zurf-Yoga™ meditation.

Overview: Release the Turn, Grab the Rail, Plant the Landing.

Technical: This asana also has three discrete movements. The first is a low arching turn with both hands. The second move lowers and shifts the centre of gravity. The third equalizes the weight in a low crouch. The centre of gravity is kept low at all times.

Specific Hints: Begin with the forward hand pointing to the front of the mat, before moving it through a 45 degree arc to the closing position.

Secret Yogi: If you have no need to pose (or for attention), the grab-rail roundhouse cutback, is the alternative retro move of repose, holding much greater tensions.

© 2013 willvarey


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