‘Taking the Drop’ ~ Asana # 16

‘Taking the Drop’ is the moment of greatest exhilaration in each surf session. If the take-off is possible, the surfer’s next question is how to make ‘making-it’ even more probable. To borrow from the surfing-yogi, Henry Ford: ‘Whether you believe you can take-the-drop, or not, you are right.’ To know the drop has already been made, by attentiveness paid, is the reward of a Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Set the Rail, Feel the Flex, Hold the Line.

Technical: This asana is one fluid transition into a deepening pose. The initial backward extension is a practice in weight transitions. The extended arms enable focus on the central balance point. The deeper knee bend allows all weight to move to the back leg.

Specific Hints: Use full length finger extensions in both hands to enable an easy push into the posture position.

Secret Yogi: Turn the rear hand, fully extended palm upwards, to feel the foam ball closing down behind you. Look only if you dare.

Quote: “The best trip, is the trip inside yourself.” (Carlos Burle)

© 2013 willvarey


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