‘Greeting the Day’ ~ Asana # 1

‘Greeting the Day’ is how surfers begin their morning practice. A surfer’s first thought is to see what the weather is doing, to check the breeze, smell the salt in the air, and assess the conditions at the first hint of light. That expectant feeling, that today could be a special day, is what begins a Zurf-Yoga ™ practice.

Overview: Open the Curtains, Arch the Back, Scratch the Arse.

Technical: This asana involves three discrete movements. The first opens the chest and extends the arms with hyper-rotation. The second lengthens and loosens the spine without load or pressure. The third opens the shoulder blades and warms up your lateral torso muscles.

Specific Hints: When opening the arms begin with clenched fists. As your arms extend, change to flat open palms.

Secret Yogi: Massage the gluteus to get the circulation moving and to loosen stiff finger joints.



© 2013 willvarey


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