‘Setting the Transit’ ~ Asana # 11

‘Setting the Transit’ is a chance for a surfer to relax, knowing they are in position, and not expectantly waiting to be caught on the inside. The local knowledge acquired where the Pines, Pyramids, Cables or Trestles come into stellar alignment means you are adrift on the ocean tide, knowingly.  This is the feeling of a relaxed presence that defines a mature Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Scratch the Wax, Turn the Board, Pick the Points.

Technical: This asana combines balance and flexibility. It involves bilateral repetition in two directions. In sitting position the feet are slightly raised and rotated, clockwise followed by anti-clockwise.  The closing hand-mudra completes the move in a sustained tension of clear focus.

Specific Hints: The ankle rotation allows for tendon relaxation. This enables specific moves that follow in the full set and ensures flexibility is present, before proceeding.

Secret Yogi: In the moments of close of the move, use the subtle energetic tension to set up your intention, for the perfect take-off and fall-line perception.




© 2013 willvarey


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