‘Hiding the Shrimp’ ~ Asana # 27

‘Hiding the Shrimp’ is the practiced art form of going from wet surf suit, to dry street clothes, without revealing what others may (or may not) find overly appealing. This post-surf dance marks the transition from natural sea creature to dry-land dweller. The only hint that remains of the surf that was, will be salt in the ears, sand on the toes and your Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Wrap the Towel, Point the Moon, Extract the Dacks.

Technical: This asana is the most complex of the entire series. It has three discrete postures. The first is a double arm stretch to warm-down the shoulders. The second is a forward bend with straight legs for hamstring and quadricep loosening. The third is alternate one-leg balances to release calf muscles and lower leg tendons.

Specific Hints: Keep the head looking straight down over the feet to avoid overbalancing.

Secret Yogi: In the moment of liminal nakedness, when you are neither surfer nor taxpayer, recognise the emptiness of all such labels, by accessing your sea urchin within.

© 2013 willvarey


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