Zurf-Yoga: An Introduction

Zurf-Yoga™ is a 30 Asana (90 movement) yoga-style exercise. It has been designed specifically for surfers as their primary form of surf-related exercise.

Rather than being an enhancement to general surf fitness, Zurf-Yoga™ is an embodiment of surf competence. For this reason Zurf-Yoga™ is taught only to those who can surf, who are learning to surf, or intend to learn how to surf.

In terms of fitness demands, Zurf-Yoga™ is less physically strenuous than most styles of Astanga Yoga. It will work slightly harder some specific tendon and muscle groups than a usual Hatha Yoga style practice. It has a flow similar to familiar forms of Vinyasa practice, while appearing a little more structured and also less formalized. It has less contortions than an advanced Iyengar practice, while still emphasising gentle rotations and flexibility in its held tensions. It has no practice pre-requisites, yet involves detailed visualisation similar to the Highest Yoga Tantras. Essentially, if you can surf at any level of fitness, ability or disability; then you can do Zurf-Yoga™ easily.

The instruction of Zurf-Yoga™ is usually done in six classes of groups of five Asanas. Every two classes form a series, with the total set of Asanas being divided into three distinct groupings. A full Zurf-Yoga™ practice can be done as a walk-through in as little as 15 minutes. Obviously, to master all 90 movements and the accompanying meditations, may take many lifetimes.

Like surfing, Zurf-Yoga™ is a dynamic activity that focusses on the ability to recognise continuing shifts in mental, emotional and physical agility. Three traits of Zurf-Yoga™ that make it different are its emphasis on the changing pacing of the breath-work, the dynamic shifting of postural balances, and the sustained changing of the mental focus. Rather than strength and repetition, the point of Zurf-Yoga™ is adaptive versatility through visualisation, tensions and meditation.

One additional pleasant surprise in practicing Zurf-Yoga™  is that it is based around a humorous and sequentially unfolding surf narrative. This makes the sequence, its components, the transitions and the linkages within the series easy to remember. Kids in particular appreciate this aspect of the learning, anticipating the next Asana as part of their own surfing story.

Zurf-Yoga™ is not a fad, its motivations are charitable, and its contributions are made with impunity to the globalised yoga and surfing industries. Those seeking to instruct in Zurf-Yoga™ usually do so for reasons, less associated with commercial gain, and more with their sense of a giving back, in generativity, to many future generations of surf-happy Zurf-Yogis.

To learn more about hosting a Zurf-Yoga™ class or lesson for your organisation – contact the local organisers nearest to your own location.

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