‘Surviving the Falls’ ~ Asana # 9

‘Surviving the Falls’ is the moment when you realise that, even with all your preparations, the ocean is your teacher. Surfers pushing their own limits will find themselves, when paddling their hardest for the shoulder, that the critical peak dive-through, is just not going to save you. Preparing for the conditions – you are not prepared for is what a Zurf-Yoga™ practice is actually there for.

Overview: Form the Fall, Count the Breath, Be the Darkness.

Technical: This asana has one posture. In its holding it increases in intensity gradually and dramatically. Of all the Zurf-Yoga™  set its creator finds this the most challenging and strenuous of all the asana. There are three set phases: preparation, relaxation and submission.

Specific Hints: The hands are best crossed, palms upwards, and nestling the forehead and crown.

Secret Yogi: In your mind’s eye, guide yourself backwards over the falls, being one with the wave lip and  feeling no impact, because you are that.


© 2013 willvarey


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