‘Paddling the Rip’ ~ Asana # 7

‘Paddling the Rip’ is when a surfer discovers how good their surf preparedness truly is. The trained eye can tell in a few seconds by the trim and speed, if someone will be a sleek sea otter in the break today (or a floundering flatulent walrus). From short shore-break sprints, to long off-shore channel treks, the paddle-out is the test of core-stamina in a Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Set the Glide, Check the Pace, Edge the Crest.

Technical: This asana has one major form, with two subtle variations. It can be done as an endurance exercise with resistance bands for additional strengthening. The positioning of the feet and the head in a gentle arch ensures central core balance. The sequence is broken with a bilateral pause to check stability. An additional movement of arch and relax provides a dynamic quality to the steady simplicity.

Specific Hints: Stretch to the horizon with each stroke for maximum body extension.

Secret Yogi: Pulling inwards with each stroke in an “~”-like motion channels water under your board’s imaginary concaves for added propulsion.


© 2013 willvarey


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