‘Proning the Foam’ ~ Asana # 24

‘Proning the Foam’ is the humble act of taking a wave all the way to the shore. Instead of being the completion of a surfing session, it is a remembrance of how we all began our surfing. Being pushed onto a broken wave on a foam board and feeling that thrill in our first decade, is possibly why we come back to the surf, over many decades. The prone-in is where a Zurf-Yoga™ practice begins once again.

Overview: Absorb the Wash, Avoid the Rocks, Make the Beach.

Technical: This asana has three discrete movements within one strength pose. The first is a flexing of the arms and elbows while sustaining extension. The second is a bilateral strengthening of opposing tensions. The third is a sustained strength pose that can be lengthened.

Specific Hints: If you need to relax the pose, place the groin, but not the knees or upper chest, on the mat for the same feeling and benefit.

Secret Yogi: Become your six year old self, then recreate the timeline of every wave you have ridden, with the enduring mind of childhood joyfulness.

© 2013 willvarey


‘Riding the Tube’ ~ Asana # 18

‘Riding the Tube’ is the secret yoga tantra of surfing. The mystery and delight of when a well set up cover-up, becomes a shack, becomes a barrel, forms a tube – is a feeling a surfer remembers forever. In that moment when time slows down, and micro-errors of trim may expand-out, surfers in the zone recall their Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Square the Chest, Drag the Cylinder, Thread the Needle.

Technical: This asana is one posture with thirty micro-movements. It is best learned intuitively and in increments. The balance of weight moves forward, in, down and back, all at the same time.

Specific Hints: Position the rear hand behind the point of central pivot, allowing a face-drag for posture trim.

Secret Yogi: At the moment of sublime bliss, look into the glassy wall to find the dolphin looking back at you, is (and was) always you.

© 2013 willvarey

‘Choosing the Board’ ~ Asana # 2

‘Choosing the Board’ asks for a surfer’s presence of mind. This selection from an extensive quiver determines everything about how the day will go for a surfer. Having checked the conditions there is a call to be made. Do you take the experimental double flyer or will this be a rare outing for the Rhino Chaser? Choosing your vehicle is a vital part of your Zurf-Yoga ™ practice. It prompts a choice for the intensity of your full yoga session.

Overview: Feel the Board, Load the Board, Secure the Board.

Technical: This asana involves one primary movement. Ensure the spine is straight and reach to full vertical extension. A slight backward extension is the only perceptible movement of the arms. In the hands hold the thumb extended to form a ‘c’ shape throughout.

Specific Hints: Keep your feet flat on the floor for maximum extension of the spine and tendon stretching as you warm up.

Secret Yogi: Adjust the width of your grasp, checking how subtle changes in the rails will alter each perfect ride.

© 2013 willvarey