‘Carving the Turn’ ~ Asana # 20

‘Carving the Turn’ is when a surfer magically aligns rail, rocker, tail and trail into a natural arc through the changing contour of a wave’s peaking face. How the releasing of vertical height adds vertical height, and a releasing of down-the-line speed adds down-the-line speed, is the secret flow of a  Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Face the Pit, Flex the Rocker, Hold the Turn.

Technical: This one asana takes years of practice. The pivot is forward of the balance point. The tension is on the ball of each foot and the toes. The heels should touch the ground at all times. Flex at the knees with no change to the position of the torso.

Specific Hints: Use the centre of the chest as the balance point, on a line 45 degrees to the floor.

Secret Yogi: Place the hands on the chi-force of the rising wave for stability, and an added push of oceanic-energy as you release.

© 2013 willvarey