‘Splashing the Crew’ ~ Asana # 13

‘Splashing the Crew’ is how surfers greet each other in the water with respect. While its true ‘a surfer always surfs alone’, part of the ‘good-vibe’ of surf-lore, is knowing everyone is being watched out for. The one day when you need help in a rip, or even to be gifted the wave of the set, those you can count on most are the other surfers having a Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Anoint the Crown, Move the Ocean, Squirt the Clam.

Technical: This asana has an opening and closing mudra around a posture with four repetitions. Begin seated in half lotus. The main move is first to the right, then left, then repeated. The close involves hands clasped, right vertical, left lateral in an extended brace.

Specific Hints: Aim for maximum extension with each arm, the wrists vertical. To maintain central balance the opposing hand can be braced using the knee.

Secret Yogi: When doing the closing move, work the three lower chakras for that special sensation of becoming one with the ocean.

© 2013 willvarey