‘Meeting the Swell’ ~ Asana # 15

‘Meeting the Swell’ is what defines soul-surfing for surfers. This is when the surfer and the ocean meet as one. It begins with seeing the contours of the forming wave, requires the matching of speed as if catching a runaway train, and culminates in the moment of commitment that represents a Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Check the Lines, Match the Speed, Commit the Self.

Technical: This asana is all about smooth transitions. It involves two preliminary moves and an extended posture. The first involves two full bilateral twists. The second asks for an extended prostrated push-up to half-vertical. The main posture has a forward balance point, with a backward push in tension to counteract.

Specific Hints: Notice how the hand position in the sustaining posture is unusual for yoga, but familiar for the surfer.

Secret Yogi: In sustaining the glide, sense into the deeper feeling of the swell, using it to do all the work that is needed, effortlessly.

© 2013 willvarey