‘Hitting the Lip’ ~ Asana # 21

‘Hitting the Lip’ is when cruise turns to bruise, as to continue the wave, a surfer must choose. When the decision at the close-out is instead to bust-out, the movement into action must come without hesitation or reservation. This is the moment when, instead of heading for shore, a surfer seeks a whole lot more from their Zurf-Yoga™ practice.

Overview: Eye the Lip, Rotate the Rail, Smack the Curl.

Technical: This asana is a complex set of rotations for strength and extension. The torso rotates around a rear knee pivot. The rear arm extends backwards at maximum reach. The balancing weight moves almost fully to the back foot.

Specific Hints: Straighten the rear leg at commencement to transfer weight smoothly without risk of injury.

Secret Yogi: Pushing the front hand down towards the board, places ‘special’ energy on your rear kick pad.


© 2013 willvarey